Historical Perspective

The Historical Perspective Project
Association of Business Information Systems
by Historian Marsha L. Bayless

This project is an effort to capture the history of the association from its earliest years in 1977 to the present time by asking previous Presidents of the Association to recall the highlights of their year as President. As the project proceeds, we will be adding additional presidents. If you served as a president of the Association and want to contribute your information now, feel free to email me at mbayless@sfasu.edu with your reflections.

Here is a link to the list of Past Presidents.

Names of the Association

Southwest Administrative Services Association (SASA)

Southwest Administrative Systems (SWAS)

Association of Business Information Systems (ABIS)

Presidents Perspectives

Robert Mitchell (SASA President) – 1980-1981

Betty Kleen (SASA President) – 1990-1991

Betty S. Johnson (SASA President) – 1994-1995

Marsha Bayless (ABIS President) – 1998-1999

Beverly Oswalt (ABIS President) – 2005-2006

Daniel Friesen (ABIS President) – 2009-2010 & 2010-2011

2018, we were in Albuquerque and celebrated ABIS’s 40th Anniversary!